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About us

A&S Creations is a proud leader in wildlife conservation and its habitat preservation. For more than 18 years, our company has been instrumental in providing technically advanced speciality equipment to Wildlife and Forestry Departments in India. Our commitment to conservation is reflected in the variety of technologies we have brought to India, including Camera Traps, Radio Collars, GPS, Drones, Night Vision Devices, Range Finders, Bird Flight Diverters, and Water Desalination Vehicles.Our company is also proud to be associated with the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) since 2008.

As part of the Make in India initiative, we began producing indigenous Bird Flight Diverters in 2019. Our goal is to save endangered bird species, such as the Great Indian Bustard, from extinction. We have also introduced the Gal Mobile Water Desalination Vehicle to India, which has an independent, integrated Water Desalination system designed to produce high-quality drinking water. This technology is particularly valuable to remote communities and villages, helping to balance the ecosystem by providing drinking water from any source, anytime and anywhere.We are proud to have supplied these vehicles to the Gujarat Ecology Commission under the ICZM Project for sea water purification.


Our company is also proud to be associated with the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) since 2008. We have provided Camera traps and GPS tools for tiger monitoring, which has been instrumental in preventing poaching and monitoring wildlife movement, patterns, and behaviour. Our GPS and Camera Trap products have been widely used in almost every Tiger Reserve across India and have greatly aided in Tiger Census and other conservation efforts. At A&S Creations, we are dedicated to preserving wildlife and its habitat while mitigating human-wildlife conflict. Our commitment to developing new technologies for the betterment of our nation remains unwavering. It is an honour to continue working with the Tiger project and forest departments to preserve India’s rich biodiversity.

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