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Bird Flight Diverters are innovative devices designed to mitigate bird collisions with power lines and other structures. These diverters serve a dual purpose: safeguarding avian wildlife and ensuring the reliability of power distribution systems.

A&S CREATIONS takes pride in introducing its cutting-edge solution, the Bird Flight Diverter, aimed at safeguarding avian populations while ensuring uninterrupted power supply. Recognizing the critical need to mitigate bird collisions with power lines, A&S CREATIONS has engineered a pioneering diverter that effectively reduces avian fatalities and minimizes the risk of power outages.


Our Bird Flight Diverter stands as a testament to our commitment to environmental stewardship
and technological innovation. Crafted with precision and expertise, this device
serves as a visual marker, alerting birds to the presence of power lines and
enabling them to navigate safely through their flight paths.

These devices play a vital role in fostering harmony between infrastructure development and biodiversity conservation.

Invest in A&S CREATIONS’ Bird Flight Diverter today, and take flight towards a safer, more sustainable tomorrow.


Bird diverters are devices used to make power lines and other structures more visible to birds, reducing the risk of collisions. The main difference between universal non-LED bird diverters and LED bird diverters lies in their visibility features and the technology they employ. Here’s a breakdown of their differences:

 Universal Non-LED Bird Diverters


1. Design and Material:

   – Typically made from plastic or metal materials.

   – Often designed with reflective surfaces or brightly colored parts to enhance visibility during the day.

2. Visibility Mechanism:

   – Rely on passive methods such as reflectivity and bright colors to catch the attention of birds.

   – Effective during daylight hours but less so in low light or night conditions.

3. Energy Requirement:

   – Do not require a power source; they are completely passive.

4. Installation and Maintenance:

   – Generally easier to install as there are no electrical components.

   – Lower maintenance since there are no parts that can fail due to electrical issues.

LED Bird Diverters


1. Design and Material:

   – Incorporate LED lights within their structure.

   – May still have reflective or colored parts to enhance daytime visibility.

2. Visibility Mechanism:

   – Utilize LED lights to provide active illumination, making them visible in low light, dusk, dawn, and night conditions.

   – Some LED diverters are designed to flash or change colors to increase effectiveness.

3. Energy Requirement:

   – Require a power source, often solar-powered to ensure they can function continuously without external power supply.

   – Some may use batteries or be connected to a power grid.

4. Installation and Maintenance:

   – Installation might be more complex due to the need for solar panels or electrical connections.

   – Require regular maintenance to ensure the LED lights and power systems are functioning properly.

   – Higher initial cost due to the inclusion of technology but potentially more effective in reducing bird collisions.

Universal Non-LED Bird Diverters are passive devices, using reflectivity and bright colors to enhance visibility mainly during the day. They are simpler, more cost-effective, and easier to maintain but less effective in low light conditions.

LED Bird Diverters use active illumination to enhance visibility at all times, including night. They are more technologically advanced, potentially more effective, but also more expensive and require regular maintenance due to their reliance on power sources.

FAQs about Bird Flight Diverters:

  1. What is a bird flight diverter?
    • A bird flight diverter is a device designed to make power lines more visible to birds in flight, reducing the risk of bird collisions and electrocution.
  2. How does a bird flight diverter work?
    • Bird flight diverters typically feature bright colors or reflective materials that enhance the visibility of power lines to birds. This helps birds to recognize and avoid the lines while in flight.
  3. Why are bird flight diverters important?
    • Bird flight diverters help protect both birds and power lines. By reducing the likelihood of bird collisions, they can prevent bird fatalities and power outages caused by bird-related incidents.
  4. Do bird flight diverters affect power transmission?
    • No, bird flight diverters are designed to have minimal impact on power transmission. They are lightweight and aerodynamic, causing negligible interference with the operation of power lines.
  5. Are bird flight diverters durable?
    • Yes, bird flight diverters are typically made from weather-resistant materials such as UV-stabilized plastics or fiberglass, ensuring long-term durability even in harsh environmental conditions.
  6. How are bird flight diverters installed?
    • Bird flight diverters are usually attached to power lines using specially designed attachment methods, such as clamps or brackets, ensuring secure installation without causing damage to the lines.
  7. Can bird flight diverters be customized for specific requirements?
    • Yes, many manufacturers offer customization options for bird flight diverters, including different colors, shapes, and sizes to suit the specific needs of different locations and bird species.