PowerSeeker 127EQ with Motor Drive and Phone Adapter

Product Details

  • Manual German equatorial mount with setting circles to locate and track sky objects
  • Adjustable, full height steel tripod with deluxe accessory tray
  • Quick and easy no-tool setup
  • Accessories include a 20mm and 4mm eyepiece, a finderscope, a Barlow Lens, a smartphone adapter, a moon filter, and a motor drive
  • The smartphone adapter connects your smartphone to your telescope, so you can capture images and video through the eyepiece
  • The adapter works with any eyepiece that has an outside diameter of 34mm
  • Motor drive automatically tracks celestial objects as they appear to move across the night sky

Additional Information:

Brand Celestron
Color Black
Model Number Power Seeker 127EQ with Motor Drive and Phone Adapter
Optical Design Newtonian Reflector
Aperture (mm) 127mm (5″)
Focal Length (mm) 1000mm (39″)
Focal Ratio 7.87
Focal Length Of Eyepiece (mm) 20mm (0.79″)
Magnification Of Eyepiece 50x
Focal Length Of Eyepiece (mm) 4mm (0.16″)
Finderscope 5×24
Highest Useful Magnification 300X
Lowest Useful Magnification 18X
Limiting Stellar Magnitude 13
Resolution (Dawes) .91 arc seconds
Optical Coating Aluminium

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