Birds Tag

Product Details

  • Tag weight: 1 gm to 90 gm (depending on Bir
  • Housing: backpack design, aerodynamic, strong andwaterproof
  • No external antennas
  • GPS receiver:highsensitivity 99 channel module
  • Internal battery: Lithium-Polymer with under- and
    over-charge protection
  • Fully charged battery is sufficient for logging about 1,000positions without additional
  • GPS logging intervals: from1second to 48 hours
  • Data upload: via GSM/GPRS/3G network
  • SMS message with 10 GPS positions when GPRS/3G network is not available.
  • Logged data are stored in memory if GSM network is unavailable.
  • Day& night sensing
  • Operational temperature: from-20to+70°C
  • Main data record includes: UTC date & time, GPS position, GPS altitude, speed, direction, HDOP
    battery voltage battery charging current, instan acceleration (.j axes), ambient light
    intensity temperature, magnetic fieldstrengtn (3 axes)

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