TetraView LCD Digital Microscope

Product Details

The professional-level Celestron TetraView LCD Digital Microscope is a touchscreen LCD microscope with advanced features at a reasonable price. TetraView features four fully achromatic lens objectives, a fully mechanical stage, a 4.3” TFT full color touch screen, 5MP CMOS sensor, and a 2GB SD card for storing your photos and videos. Taking high-resolution images and video of specimen slides has never been easier.

The LCD screen rotates 180° so you can easily share your viewing with others. For an even bigger audience, use the TV output to display on a television or projector. With magnification from 40 to 400x (1600x with digital zoom), TetraView is ideal for viewing a range of cellular specimens on slides.

Great for the discriminating professional or serious hobbyist, the TetraView microscope is an excellent tool for labs, schools, scientific research, and more.

  • 40x to 400x magnification (up to 1600x with digital zoom)
  • 4.3″ LCD touchscreen
  • 5MP CMOS built-in digital camera
  • 4 fully achromatic objective lenses: 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x
  • Adjustable LED bottom illumination
  • 180° rotatable LCD screen
  • Fully mechanical stage
  • Coarse and fine focus knobs
  • Filter wheel/diaphragm
  • AV/TV output
  • Battery power option (4AA batteries)
  • 2GB SD card included (SD card slot supports up to 32GB)
  • Universal AC adapter with multi-plugs for international usage
  • Accessories included: 7 prepared slides, hard carrying case, dust cover, touch pen, USB cable, AV out cable

Additional Information:

Type of Microscope:LCD Desktop
Head:180° rotatable head w/4.3″ TFT LCD Screen
Nosepiece:Quad with click stop
Objective(s) Type:(4) Achromatic objectives on turret
Objective(s) Standard:DIN 35 RMS
Objective(s) Magnification:4x, 10x, 20x, 40x
Objective(s) Thread:WJ 4/5″ x 1/36″
Focus Type(s):Course Focus and Fine Focus
Focus Travel (per rotation):0.7mm to 35.3mm (.027″ to 1.39″) (est.)
Magnification Range:40x, 100x, 200x, 400x, Up to 1600x with digtial zoom
Illumination Type:LEDs
Illumination Position(s):TBD
Illumination Adjustability Mechanism:Adjustable wheels at base
Power Source:Universal 100 to 240V, 50/60 hz multi-country plug and (4) AA (optional)
Battery Options:Yes (4AA)
Stage:Fully mechanical with metal clips, 88mm x 88mm (3.5″ x 3.5″) – With Filter wheel (Red, blue, green | 1mm, 3mm, 6mm apertures)
Condenser Type:Aplantic
Condenser N.A.:N.A. 65
Stage Diaphragm:Multiple on wheel
Eyepiece Type:CMOS Sensor in lieu of eyepiece
Sensor Size:5MP – 1/2.5″
Pixel Size:2.2 μm
Screen type:High definition touch, 480 x 272 pixels resolution, 109mm (4.3″) with 4x digital zoom, rotates 180°
Screen Size:4.3″
Memory Type:SD Card
Memory Size:8G SD included, Supports up to 32G
Port(s) In:AC Plug (power), SD Card slot (32Gmax)
Port(s) Out:Video/ TV out, USB 2.0
AC Adapter:5-6V DC, 200-1000mA tip positive electrical input. Jack should be 5.5mm (.21″) OD, 2.1mm (.08″) ID and 12.5mm (.49″) long
Still image capture resolution:1920×1080
Video resolution:VGA (640 x 480)
Shutter trigger position:On LCD Screen
Software:Internal Firmware
Microscope Dimensions:78mm x 140mm x 330mm (7″ x 5.5″ x 13″)
Microscope Weight:67 oz (1.9 kg)
Included Items:8GB SD Card
USB 2.0 Cable (data transfer)
7 Prepared Slides
4 plug, multi-country AC adapter
Dust Cover
Carrying Case

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